Monday, August 29, 2011

Today is the day....

Today is our first day of school here at the Braniff house.

If the girls were any more excited I think their heads would explode, hope it's not a let down :)

Since there will be no "school" photos here, I figured I'd take them out and grab a few shots this weekend which would serve as their school pictures.

It was 90 degrees. Kennedy had a meltdown. Got attacked by fire ants. And I forgot the quilt.

We were off to a great start!

We shot for about 20 minutes, and I'm not gonna lie. I was thrilled with what I got :)

I think it's safe to say, Dad will have his hands full in about 10 years :)

In other fabulous news, we are being featured on Filled with Praise today :)
Hop on over and read our story, plus you can enter to win a free copy of the photography E-course!

Filled With Praise


  1. i love your photos of your girls...they are precious! Coming to your site from Amy's! Love that your adopting from Congo, are you traveling there or having an escort bring your baby back? I know it's very dangerous over there so thats why im asking! My pastor actually just got back from there a few weeks ago!

  2. Hi Angela! I was reading your blog and realized that you live in Charlotte, me too:). We are in the process of adopting from Uganda. Was wondering if we could connect somehow? My email address is So excited for you and your family!

  3. Hi Angela! Found you through Amy's blog today and just wanted to say hello and that I think this fundraising idea is awesome! I posted about it on my blog today because I have several friends with fancy camera equipment that I think would love some of your tips. Hope it generates some sales for you!!

  4. Hi Angela! I hopped over from Filled With Praise. I am busy scrolling through your entire blog as my husband and I have just begun the process to adopt from DRC ourselves. We too, learned about DRC when inquiring about Ethiopia. We thought we were the only ones adopting from that country, but in recent weeks I have found many people with the same heart for DRC. I am excited to follow along as you bring your little one home. Feel free to check out our blog at